City Park Running Club

Greening the Mother's Day 5K Race - 2010 and 2011

Mothers Day 5k LogoACE is the green consultant that worked to make the 2010 and 2011 Mother's Day 5K Races in Denver's City Park a greener event.  ACE worked with multiple vendors to reduce the race's environmental impact in the areas of fuel consumption, waste generation, recycling and composting, printing, and material use and re-use. 

ACE also communicated the green story behind the race by compiling the content about the environmental aspects of the race for use in marketing materials.  ACE will be greening the Mother’s Day 5K in 2012.


2011 Mother's Day 5K Results!

An estimated 89.6% of the total waste generated was diverted from Colorado’s landfills through green procurement practices, composting and recycling.   A total of 3.49 cubic yards of waste was diverted from the landfills during this race event.


2011 MS Walk in City Park

ACE provided recycling containers and training services to divert recyclable waste streams from the landfill.  The project included setting up recycle containers at strategic locations, providing signage to specify waste streams, briefing vendors and race participants on which waste streams were recyclable, and ensuring waste streams were not mixed.


Rocky Mountain Association of Environmental Professionals (RMAEP)

Greening EnviroFest 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011

RMAEP LogoACE planned, managed, and greened the environmental non-profit's annual environmental networking and educational event called EnviroFest in both 2008 and 2009.  The event planning involved outreach to the RMAEP members, creative development of the event's logo, save-the-date and invitations, and advertisement and outreach efforts to publicize the event.  ACE also managed the budget for the event including vendor sponsorship fees, facility rental, catering costs, music, and the donation of raffle contest prizes and other in-kind donations. 

The event was a green event and produced "zero waste" by implementing composting and recycling practices and utilized printing on recycled content paper. The event was also carbon neutral by balancing out carbon dioxide emissions created from all participants driving to the event, the planning of the event, and the energy consumed the night of the event. Since the initial event planning, ACE stepped back and continued with only the greening aspects for EnviroFest 2010 and 2011.